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Latest researches:

Creating zero-field skyrmions in exchange-biased multilayers through X-ray illumination
High Spin Hall Conductivity in Large-Area Type-II Dirac Semimetal PtTe2
Three-Dimensional Dynamics of a Magnetic Hopfion Driven by Spin Transfer Torque
true random number generator based on nano-ring shaped magnetic tunnel junction
Coherent Resonant Tunneling through Double Metallic Quantum Well States
Magnon tranport in FMI with electrical method
Progress in Seebeck and Anomalous Nernst Effect
Polarization-Mediated Thermal Stability of Metal/Oxide
Long range phase coherence in double barrier MTJs

Introduction of the group:
The M02 research group was established in 2002 under the State Key Laboratory of magnetism, Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research group is committed to the research of "spintronics materials, physics and devices", and has made a series of research progress with international cutting-edge level. It has constructed and prepared more than 10 new or new structure magnetic heterojunction and magnetic tunnel junction materials, first discovered or experimentally observed 8 novel spin quantum effects, developed more than 10 new spintronics prototype devices, and published more than 380 papers More than 100 invention patents have been authorized. The main research directions include: (1) materials, physics and devices related to new type of magnetonic; (2) materials, physics and devices related to new magnetic heterojunction and magnetic tunnel junction; (3) new magnetic random access memory, spin logic, spin nano oscillator, spin microwave detector, spin random number generator, spin resonance tunneling diode, spin light emitting diode, spin transistor, spin field effect transistor, magnetoresistance magnetic sensor, spin field effect transistor; (4) first principles calculations based on magnetic heterojunction and related magnetic tunnel junctions, etc.
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Address: Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics No.8, 3rd South Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing 100190, China
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