Great design of new electronic materials (2016-2)

来源:   发布时间:2016-04-27

Great design of new electronic materials and electron spin and its new properties
Location: M236
Reporter: Xiaolin Wang
Currently, we are in challenging and competition times. How to find more new materials, new features and new devices is one of the representatives of the world's scientific research and strategic development trend. This report summarizes the properties of new materials and the development of cutting-edge, based on the design and development of new materials, new ideas and new methods are being tried in discussions. Substances, materials and performance of more and more complex, there should be more new materials, new materials, new particles, as well as the existence of singular performance, and waiting to be explored. What are they? How much they have? How to find them? This report will discuss about the three ultimate question of the material properties and exploration. We hope to design new electronic materials, spintronic materials, multi-functional materials, and new electronic design, spin, optical and other properties, including aspects of genetic research material and other groups have a reference. The report also greatly enhance the results of our report and the physical mechanism of iron-based superconducting current in a high voltage induced Results RashbaBiTeCl some important system in the Fermi surface topology change, silicene, thermal power, iron and more research. New developments focused on spin zero band gap semiconductor, put forward some new concepts of physics and its application in the next generation of spintronics.
Reporter’s introduction
Xiaolin Wang, professor of Superconductivity and Electronic Materials Research Institute of the University of Wollongong, Australia, spin and electronic materials research group, the Australian Institute of Physics Fellow, Australian National futurist professor. Bachelor and Master of Physics Department of Physics and the physical solid crystalline material Shandong University,get the PhD in 2000 at the University of Wollongong Australia Materials Science. He has engaged in research work in Austria, Japan, the United States and other universities and research institutions. Extensive research, design and experimental and theoretical study covers new functional materials, involving superconducting materials, spintronic materials, magnetic ferroelectric material, more ferroelectric, thermoelectric materials. New materials have unique perspectives on design, first proposed spin zero Semiconductor (Spin gapless Semiconductors) new materials in the world and its rich physics concepts and theories have been experimentally verified internationally. Published in the international journal over three one hundred famous, important article published in Nature Materials, Science Advances, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Functional Materials, Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters magazine. Papers cited nearly 6,000 times. He has organized several international conferences functional material aspects and chairman of the meeting. Queen Elizabeth II has received the title of scholars, and the American Society of Materials International Superconductivity Technology Center Award, and WOLLONGONG University Cooperation Award. In recent years, the project leader to assume the identity of a dozen Australian fund projects.
Contact Person: Guangheng Wu(9247)