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Research Progress
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Spin Seebeck effect and anomalous Nernst effect of ferromagnetic conductors

Spin caloritronics has emerged rapidly as an important branch of spintronics due to its potential prospects (20160301)......

Observation of magnon-mediated electric current drag at room temperature

Spin-based electronic devices such as magnetic memory (20160222)......

Geometric Frustration Induces Liquid-like Ground state of Electric Dipoles

Quantum mechanical fluctuations and geometric frustration may prohibit the formation of.........
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The Academician Baogen Shen, et ...


On Feb 3, 2016, the Academician Baogen Shen,[more]

Seminars and Lectures
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Great design of new electronic materials (2016-2)


Time: 4 27 2016-10:00 Reporter: Xiaolin Wang [more]