laser rapid regulation in some magnetic material of spin and charge ordered (2016-1)

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Time: 1/15/2016-10:00
Location: M253
Reporter: Haibin Zhao
Reporter’s introduction
Professor Haibin Zhao , doctoral tutor. bachelor's degree from Fudan University , Department of Physics , Department of Physics, Fudan University in 1997, a master's degree in 2000 , Ph.D. Department of Applied Sciences of William and Mary University in 2006. And make postdoctoral research at the University of William and Mary and the University of California, Riverside . From August 2009 to teach at Fudan University . Get benefited from Shanghai Pujiang Program funding and talent development in 2010, get the Ministry of Education for New Century Excellent Talents Scheme funded in 2011,get the State Fund Committee of outstanding youth fund in 2012.
Magnetic spin ultrafast photo-induced regulation get increasing attention in recent years, under the action of femtosecond laser pulses, the magnetic moment of the order of magnitude can change dramatically in the sub-picosecond and produce rapid rotation of the magnetic moment, or even ultrafast magnetic moment reversal; while in some strongly correlated magnetic systems, spin and charge ordering parameters such as coupling, in ultrafast laser action showing some novel state of matter, for these ultrafast information storage and processing are It has important significance. The first report will show the use of magnetic heterostructure interfacial spin exchange interaction of ultrafast magnetic moment precession excitation light regulation, this approach can effectively reduce the magnetic moment precession excitation light power density required, I will focus on a species ferromagnetic metal / antiferromagnetic insulator (Fe / CoO) in antiferromagnetic spin ordering by photoinduced charge transfer induced ultrafast modulation and then spin exchange interaction torque, and a ferromagnetic metal / magnetic semiconductors (Co2FeAl / GaMnAs) semiconductor heterostructures prepared in maternal interface and proximity effect caused by the spin polarization in the femtosecond optical pulses, which in turn generate transient torque drive spin exchange precession of the magnetic moment of a ferromagnetic metal. Second, the report will show ferrimagnetic Fe3O4 film ultrafast laser assisted field of cold forming a charge orderly regulation.
Contact Person: Zhaohua Cheng(8083)