M07 组主要研究方向 :

      Ø   Controllable thin-film structure fabrication

      Ø   Perpendiular magnetic anisotropy

      Ø   Exchange coupling/ exchange bias/ magnetic proximity effect

      Ø   Anomalous Hall effect/ spin Hall effect

      Ø   Spin Seebeck effect/ spin pumping

      Ø   Anisotropic magnetoresistance/ spin Hall magnetoresistance

      Ø   Giant magnetoresistance/ tunneling magnetoresistance

      Ø   Lorenz TEM study on magnetic domain structure

      Ø   Nanoscale topological magnetic skyrmions

      Ø   Atom arrangements and interdiffussion at the multilayer interface by TEM

      Ø   In-situ phase transition and microstructure evolution tuned by external fields