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Laboratory Tour---Welcome to Group M04 at State Key Laboratory, IPCAS!


MBE/VT-SPM/SMOKE/Mössbauer Spectrometer System


Optical Floating Zone Single Crystal Growth Furnace



(Rm. B106)

High Field Mössbauer Spectrometer With  Superconducting Magnet


Variable Temperature  Mössbauer Spectrometer with enclosed Refrigerator

 (Rm. B104-II)

Kerr Microscope

 (Rm. B104-III)

Multi-terminal-magnetotransport measurement system


Ball Miller 

(Rm. B106)

High temperature furnaces

(Rm. B108)

Glove Box 

(Rm. B106)

Polisher for Single-Crystal

(Rm B201)

Cutter  for Single-crystal

(Rm B203)

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